Booking process - Book now and buy a voucher

Customers have two options when purchasing an experience from RedBalloon which means double the opportunity for sales for you.

Option 1 - Book Now
Customers can book a date straight away for the experience they purchase and this will be confirmed immediately in your integrated availability system.

Option 2 - Buy a Voucher
The option to purchase an experience as a gift, where the voucher must be booked and taken over a 12 month period. Should an experience voucher not be used in the first 12 months, the recipient will be issued a credit valid for a further 2 years. 

After 12 months from the purchase date, if the price of the experience has increased, an additional amount will need to be paid at the time of booking. If the experience is no longer available a RedBalloon Account Credit will be provided for the amount paid for the voucher.




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