Product image guidelines

Follow these guidelines when selecting images for us and you'll give your products the best chance for success; both in making it through our approval process and then garnering sales on our site.

Image Requirements:

  • We need at least 4 images per product listing
  • Image needs to be a jpg, now RAW files straight from your digital camera
  • No bigger than 6MB
  • Generally we suggest a pixel size of around 2000 x 2000 (2MB)
  • The images must be clear, sharp and with no watermarks on them
  • Must be 'landscape' images (no square or portrait photos)

Tips for images:

  • Images must be relevant and appropriate for our website
  • Clear; in focus images
  • Photos of participants enjoying the tour/experience (of diverse ethnicity and gender where possible), learning from their guide or instructor etc. make for great images; any photos that show people can really help potential customers better imagine themselves doing the experience
  • If your experience involves food or drinks, it's always a good idea to take a few photos of what the customers will be served
  • If the experience occurs in beautiful surrounds, it's a good idea to provide us with 'scenery' images


From time to time we may use your images to market your products in eDM's, paid advertising, social media. Where necessary RedBalloon will source and use alternative images to promote your product. 


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