Closure / change of ownership

If you cease operating for any reason other than normal seasonal cessation of business, you must notify us in writing within one month of the commencement of closure, otherwise RedBalloon reserve the right to immediately cease marketing your products.

If there is a change of ownership, you must notify us immediately and provide the details of the new business owner. RedBalloon reserves the right to terminate the agreement and enter into new terms with the new company owners.


Steps for Existing owners

  1. Advise RedBalloon as soon as possible on any change of ownership and provide the details of the new business owners. 

  2. Confirm the date you are operating the business until, and arrange any outstanding customers that need to be rescheduled. Since existing owners may have already been paid for these customers vouchers, they are required to pass over the funds to the new owners.

Steps for New owners

  1. Provide all of your details to RedBalloon at so we can contact you to discuss the takeover and procedures, and update the account accordingly.

  2. If using a new ABN, you will need to create a new supplier account HERE.
    We will then transfer over products from the old owners account to your new account, along with any unredeemed vouchers and customer reviews.

  3. Ensure you have uploaded a current Public Liability Insurance document.

  4. Once your account has been approved, log into the Supplier Hub and begin adding new products, or edit the products that have been transferred over to your account

  5. Please allow 5 working days for your account/products to be moderated by a member of the team.


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