Cancel a confirmed voucher booking

If you can no longer fulfill a booking request and have to cancel a confirmed customer, please notify the customer as soon as possible and contact our Customer Experience team to clear the redemption of the voucher and remove it from your system. By clearing the redemption of the voucher the customer can re-book it in at another point in time.

PH: 1300 875 500 or email 

Cancelling a booking after you have been paid by RedBalloon

When an order needs to be cancelled and we have already paid you, we cancel the order on our end and place a hold credit against your account. Email us the voucher details to This hold credit amount will come out of your next weekly payment with us. Unfortunately, at this stage this hold credit will not be displayed on your remittance advice.

Your remittance advice will have all the orders you accepted that week and the amount you were meant to be paid before any hold credits, so you will notice a discrepancy on the remittance advice, the discrepancy will be the hold credit.


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