How to get your product reviewed

Provide us with a famil (a free of charge experience) and we will send one/some of our staff members to experience your product. In return, they will write a review which will be featured on the RedBalloon website.

Famils are a great marketing tool and provide you with the opportunity to put a face to the name of a RedBalloon staff member. Team product reviews boost the credibility of your products and increases their chance of appearing high on the list during Internet searches. If you are interested in having your product reviewed by RedBalloon, please contact to arrange. Read more about the importance of reviews here.


Conditions of approval

To have a review approved, a customer must:

  • Talk specifically about the experience i.e. what they liked or disliked
  • Not mention a supplier or competitor name
  • Not mention personally identifying information i.e. names
  • Not mention the price they paid including any specific prices of extras purchased on the experience








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