Giveaways and Famils


You have the opportunity to offer a 'free of charge' product or experience which may be used in marketing initiatives such as social media competitions, website advertising, customer newsletters and blogger reviews.

Any giveaways offered will be used at RedBalloon’s discretion, however we will ensure to inform you when and how it is used. All offers are required to have a redemption period of 12 months.


Famils are also 'free of charge' experiences offered to RedBalloon employees in exchange for published product reviews. Famils are a great marketing tool and provide you with the opportunity to put a face to the name of a RedBalloon staff member. It also helps the Customer Team better sell your products over the phone.
Team product reviews boost the credibility of your products and increases the chances of appearing high on the list during search. 

If you are interested please email us at and specify whether you are offering a giveaway or an employee famil.


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