Rejected customer reviews / review moderation

 All moderated and unmoderated reviews are visible in your Supplier Hub. Rejected review scores do not count towards your overall supplier NPS score. 

Rejected Customer Reviews

Customers are given rules to follow when filling out a review. The most common reasons a review is rejected are:

  • Customer has used inappropriate or offensive language
  • Customer has mentioned the price they paid or made price comparisons to another product
  • Customer has used personally identifying information i.e. employee names or company name
  • Customer has not yet gone on the experience or received their Gift/Hamper


RedBalloon Moderation Codes

(CR) Competitor Reference:
Content mentions any known or suspected competitor

(IMG) Image Inappropriate:
Content contains images of the logo or product package of ANY third-party company

(PII) Personally Identifying Information:
Content contains any name of the supplier or staff member

(PRI) Price Reference:
Content contains reference to pricing


Additional moderation codes:

(FL) Fraudulent

(CS) Customer Service Complaint

(GIU) Generally Inappropriate Comments

(VAC) Lack of Content

Responding To A Review

You do have the option to respond to the review to address any concerns the customer has raised. Please email our Business Partners Team on specifying the product code and review in question. He will respond to the customer on your behalf, provided it meets our review guidelines. 





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