Customer review queries

Where Are Reviews Posted

When a customer writes a review, it is posted on the RedBalloon website at the bottom on your product page in the reviews section. All reviews appear on the RedBalloon Facebook page with the newest at the top. All reviews are monitored by a sophisticated platform and must meet our guidelines in order to be posted on the RedBalloon website. 

If a review does not meet the guidelines it will not be published on the RedBalloon website. However, all moderated and unmoderated reviews are visible in your Supplier Hub. Rejected review scores do not go towards your overall supplier NPS score.

To read more on rejected reviews CLICK HERE.

Removing A Review

We want to maintain the integrity of customer reviews, so if a review meets all our guidelines we will not remove it.

Responding To A Review

You do have the option to respond to the review to address any concerns the customer has raised. Please email the Business Partners Team at specifying the product code and review in question. He will respond to the customer on your behalf, provided it meets our review guidelines. 



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