Managing "Blockout Dates"

The "Blockout Date" feature in Supplier Hub allows you to limit the days that customer's can request a booking for. By adding block out dates, customers cannot send a booking request for dates that the experience does not run or is not available.

This is helpful when an experience is weekend only, or only on Wednesdays etc. You can use the "Blockout Dates" function in Supplier Hub to block out weekdays, or block out every day except Wednesday, for example. Customers are then limited to only selecting dates that you have not blocked.

This is a “request and confirm” method for customers (ie. not instant/live booking) meaning the booking will need to be manually confirmed by you to trigger a confirmation email back to the customer.

Please note, you can either use "Blockout Dates" OR instant booking, but not a combination of both in Supplier Hub.


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